qman_headshotTHE Q MAN
A man who finds himself possessed of enhanced physical and mental abilities but with all memories of his original identity erased. He knows himself only as “The Q Man,” the prototype of a classified scientific intelligence project. Tall, agile, athletic, fiercely independent, quickthinking, and creative. Given to brooding, dark moods as a result of the unanswered questions that plague him.
Source: The Q Bible, Chapter 1, article 1, and Chapter 2, Subsection 1, article 1.

talbot_headshotLAURENCE TALBOT
A robust 60 years old, with gleaming blue eyes and silver hair, Talbot is disarmingly charismatic, poised, and crafty. A Rhodes scholar, he maneuvered into military intelligence, which he saw as the nexus through which all secret information passes. On the surface, he simply has an exemplary record, always seeming to follow orders. Secretly, he twists every operation to serve his ultimate goal — including The Q Project.
Source: The Q Bible, Chapter 2, Subsection 1, article 2.

The current paramour of Laurence Talbot, Allegra is [REDACTED]. A striking beauty with poise and a wry intellect, she currently works at a public library to which Talbot has generously donated. Allegra is insecure about how much time Talbot spends away from her, supposedly on projects he cannot tell her about. Visions of the letter Q have been plaguing her with increasing frequency, especially since she met…
Source: The Q Bible, Chapter 2, Subsection 2, article 2.

A wheelchair-bound war veteran who cultivates an image of the radical loner and conspiracy nut. While this image disguises his more subversive activities, it remains unclear whether it fools anyone who matters. He is a notorious [REDACTED] known in underground circles as a lunatic blogger named Wotan.
Source: The Q Bible, Chapter 2, Subsection 2, article 1.

drmadsen_headshotDR. MADSEN
The lead scientist in charge of the Q Project, Dr. Madsen oversees a team of engineers, programmers, and body-brain specialists. As brilliant at what he does as he is an insufferable toady, Talbot would surely have replaced him if he could find anyone else to fulfill the job.

hierarchy_headshotTHE HIERARCHY
The Hierarchy is an organization of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. Its domain supersedes all national boundaries. However, The Hierarchy is an [REDACTED], and exists in the same capacity as [REDACTED]: it is an intelligence-[REDACTED] business.
Source: The Q Bible, Chapter 2, Subsection 4, article i.

numberone_headshotNUMBER ONE
The ninth holder of the Number One rank in the Hierarchy’s history, the first female vocator of the convox, and other mysterious titles. Her future is to be determined, but her decades of experience behind the scenes of world politics makes her likely to still have a role in  [REDACTED].

numbertwo_headshotNUMBER TWO
A mysterious figure to whom Talbot directly answers, Number Two has always disagreed with what he sees as Talbot’s sloppiness and zealotry. Number Two is perhaps the only person — mainly from having been around long enough, and in positions high enough, to know the dirty secrets of everyone, everywhere — with the authority to keep Talbot in line, until Talbot becomes Number One.
Source: The Q Bible, Chapter 2, Subsection 4, article 5.