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Discussion (3)¬

  1. jrw says:

    [qman] olethros says, “yes, a definite change in style”
    [qman] olethros asks, “has Rob come under an evil influence ???”

  2. jrw says:

    [qman] DavidW says, “Perhaps we should worry about Melinda. I think she just got coshed.”
    [qman] olethros says, “oh no, you’re right. Poor Melinda. Or maybe she founds a nice chocolate bar”
    [qman] Gunther says, “it’s due to a paper cut”
    [qman] DavidW says, “Melinda *is* the Etta Candy to Allegra’s Diana Prince, isn’t she.”
    [qman] olethros says, “I am sure”
    [qman] DavidW says, “I wonder if there’s a point in the previous strips where Q somehow made the first phone call to Allegra.”
    [qman] olethros asks, “restore previous state?”
    [qman] DavidW says, “hm. pg151 is when Q asks the computer to try to find Allegra, but computer was having problems of its own from then until now.”
    [qman] DavidW asks, “Also, Allegra told Melinda that she turned off her phone so she wouldn’t hear from Lawrence, so how does the phone start buzzing while she’s doing her hair?”

  3. jrw says:

    [qman] olethros says, “wait, I am now cracking up with the phone sound effects”
    [qman] olethros says, “Vüüüüt!”
    [qman] DavidW says, “There’s a theory that the sound effects are the main reason there’s a comic.”