Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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  1. jrw says:

    [Marius Müller] Quocodiles?

    [David Welbourn] ‎@Marius: I suspect this is a ref to the urban legend(?) about how New Yorkers in the 60s disposed of their pet alligators by flushing them down the toilet — which is why we now have packs of wild albino gators roaming NYC’s sewers and menacing unwary Q Men today.

  2. jrw says:

    [qman] inky asks, “wait, is this still on hiatus or not?”

    Season 3! Aw yeah.

  3. jrw says:

    Also, it always bugged me as a kid that the comics I read printed the publication date as way off from the actual month when I was reading said comics, so the October date on this Chapter 7 cover is a tribute to that.

  4. jrw says:

    Season 3 schedule
    Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    Sept 06 – Nov 24, 2011.