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  1. jrw says:

    [qman] DavidW asks, “‘usual round of guesses’. That implies Q Man has reset Madsen’s password on previous occasions, doesn’t it?”
    [qman] Jota says (to W), “That would seem to be the implication.”
    [qman] DavidW says, “also, re: the May 26 comic, sounds like foreshadowing of power levels _higher_ than Q level 1.”

  2. jrw says:

    [qman] Jota asks, “Is the Q Man intended to be one a long-term thing with new stories being told indefinitely or a finite thing where, once you finish telling this complete story, it’s over?”
    [qman] Rob says, “in regards to Jota’s question, it’s like a tv series that keeps going, but the first major story arc is finishing up”
    [qman] Iain asks, “Are you going to be able to get the same actors for the next season?”
    [qman] Rob says, “no comment !”

  3. jrw says:

    [qman] inky says, “failsafe eh”

    [qman] DavidW says, “I assume the failsafe is a bomb (or bombs) implanted in the brain and/or in the heart.”

  4. jrw says:

    [qman] inky asks, “also, re recap, there’s been a cycle where he gets out and is recaptured repeatedly, right?”
    [qman] inky says, “it feels to me like this one represents a break n the cycle, but I guess we’ll see”